Solar Fiesta Schedule

Below is the list of workshops, musicians, vendors, food trucks, and exhibits. Please note that the schedule is subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact us at


Panel Discussions, Ask-a-Pro, and Club meetings

Location: Sawmill Lofts across the street on Bellamah.

View this year’s speaker bios here.

Music Stage is on the South end of the main lot.

Sun Room Satellite Room Music Stage
10 AM After Sundown (Energy Storage)
Cliff Ho – Sandia Labs
Andrew Stone – Green Tech
Tony Sparks – APS
Ashok Ghosh (moderator)
PV Ask-a-Pro
Trishelle Kirk -Affordable Solar
Photon Junkies
11 AM On the Bigger Scale
Delese Dellios – rural coops – NM
Tony Sparks – APS
Ashok Ghosh (moderator)
Shahir Masri-debunking myths and tour
PNM (in the audience)
Elena Kayak- Solar PV in Santa Fe Public Schools
Solar Cooking Tips
Rose Kern
Elderly Bros
11:30 AM Community Solar Ask-a-Pro
Athena Christodoulou
Andrew Stone -C-Pace
Claudia Pavel – all-in coaching and training
12 PM Clean Tech Business
Luca Ispirescu -Silent Falcon
Andrew Hisey – Go Stations
Trishelle Kirk-Affordable Solar
Andrew Stone -Green tech investments
Anjik Ghosh – Verdant Innovations – Wind Turbine
Leonardo Rossetti- UNM Solar Splash
Ashok Ghosh (moderator)
Power of the Sun (Solar Basics)
Mark Gaiser -NM State Energy Dept.
Athena Christodoulou
Tony Wilson and the Sugar Skulls
1 PM Policies taking us to 100% RE
Tom Solomon or Sanders Moore – NM
Shahir Masri-debunking myths and tour
Sara Barudin – Picuris Pueblo
Mark Gaiser- NM State Energy Dept.
Sarena Ulibarri – (moderator)
PV -EV Club
Troy McGee- NM Solar
Becket and the Bear
2 PM Sustainable YOU (Case Studies and Programs)
Athena Christodoulou – Do-it-yourself sustainability
Leila Salim – Saving Water
Maggie Seeley – Transition US
Sarena Ulibarri – Future Sustainable Living
Jean Arya (moderator)
Ghost Ranch Solar Balloon
Mark Chalom – Solar Architect and Designer
Electric Vehicles (Is it for YOU?!)
Thomas Solomon – Why your next car will be electric
Carlos Lucero – PNM -access to charging stations
Andrew Hisey – Next generation charging stations
Randy Brost – EV ownership
Luca Ispirescu- Solar-Powered Drone
Thermablitz Club Meeting
Athena Christodoulou
Jimm Palmer – Energy conservation
James Estes